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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Affordable Staging but a Dramatic Difference

Sometimes it pays to let us know that you have a property that needs staging.  Then when we are planning to de-stage a property we can take some of the staging to yours and save  you money by saving us time!  We adapted some of the staging we were taking from a Portland Historic home that sold and used it here. It's a win-win for all...

This is a suburban Portland home that had no appeal when you walked through the front door...

It's just one big room with no definition or interest.  So we gave it both...

Here's another shot of the same room...

Better?  Here's the living area Before:

And After:

What do you think?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dunthorpe Contemporary Staging

Recently we had the great pleasure of staging a high-end property in Dunthorpe that had been meticulously remodeled.  The owners had several interested parties while their own furniture was still there, but when they moved out of the area and took most of their things the interest stopped. That's when we were called in to work with what they left and still make it complement the architecture and interior style.  Because one of the owners still stays there when he is in town we wanted it to be comfortable for him, while appealing to buyers.
Living Room Before
Living Room After

We utilized the sellers' original art and moved the chaise to the master bedroom as you will see below.  Additionally, we kept all the furnishings with clean lines to reinforce the simplicity and style of the interior treatments.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After
As you can see they had a lot of great stuff to work with!  Some of the personal items had to go, but we loved the art and the credenza.  This dining set is perfect in the space which showcases the cool wood panels and the shag rug amplifies the mid-century features of the home while warming it up.

Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After
Now the master bedroom is a sanctuary instead of a crash pad!  Here's the chaise from the living room and we utilized the sellers' king mattress and added an upholstered headboard below.  As the bed will be used, the clients purchased bedding they can use in their new home after the property sells. We added the box pillows and everything else you see.

Next we tackled the home office/study. 
Study Before

Study After
The room just needed a little pizzazz, so we replaced the bench, which was tired, with 2 chairs from the dining room.  We purchased new art as it called for great graphics and this wool rug was just the right thing with the intrinsic color scheme.

An added bonus in this project was partnering in the design and installation process with Wendy O'Brien Interior Design.  Wendy is a very talented and highly trained (UCLA) interior designer and wonderful to work with.  In order to consistently deliver the very best product possible to our clients, we are exploring pulling her in on special projects.  This enables Transformations to offer skilled design services, as well as high quality staging, to our clients.  It's the best of both worlds for you and fun for us, too!  We hope you will take advantage of our increasing strengths in this challenging marketplace.  Only the best will do!