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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bachelor Pad Transformation

Recently we were asked to enhance a condo in the Tansaborne area that was the classic bachelor pad:
  1. Bare and Barren
  2. Media equipment the focal point
  3. And the requisite:  Black Leather Sofa!
Here are some Before and After shots:

Living Room was empty and boring, so we freshened the appeal with green and espresso to appeal to young buyers.

Previously, there wasn't a dining table in this space, but was designed to have one and it's pretty important to buyers, so we added a table and chairs so buyers would know they could have a few friends to dinner.

And the Black Leather Sofa and Media Equipment make their appearance! Ta Da!  As the seller was out of town the day of installation and we don't like to take chances with electronics, we left the media equipment where it was.  Just created a more attractive space with accessories so buyers could visualize enjoying the fireplace... Not ideal, but workable.

Since the property is occupied and the bedding would be used, we directed the listing agent in buying some new bedding.  The result is more pulled together and will appeal to females as well as males.  We also raised the bed and added a slipper chair in a space to the right that you can't see in this shot.

Review from the listing agent was "Fantastic!  Excellent, excellent work! ".  As this was a one-day installation the cost for first month was well below $900. Pretty worthwhile investment, don't you think???