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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BeFaux and After

This is a house we recently staged that features fabulous views and a wonderful location. The problem in marketing it was simply that it was dated. The existing designer touches that were to the taste of the sellers when they built the home could inhibit current buyers from seeing the potential. The faux had to go! Add to that an abundance of oak trim and Houston, we have a problem!  There was nothing we could do about the blue carpet, so we incorporated a more current color scheme to make it work. Removing the window treatments and putting the views front and center was another key strategy to updating this home.  Please be sure to see the professional photos by Timothy Park on the listing info linked at the end of this entry.  You will be impressed by the landscaped setting!

Here are more Before's (on the left)  and After's (on the right):

The view outside the dining room of the landscaped waterfall is incredibly beautiful, but the sellers kept the drapes closed. We truly believed that bringing the outdoors in was imperative, so had the window coverings removed and replaced the dining chairs with some of our own. Thankfully, the seller was open to our suggestions and gracious. We did utilize the sellers' table and kept the table setting simple to keep the focus on the view. This became our favorite room!

The living room is now elegant and updated and although you can't see it from this photo, the view out the windows is the Wow Factor. The heavy window treatments are gone and the gorgeous views are there for all to see...

A few more notes: The kitchen cabinets were high quality but oak which dates the kitchen. We would have preferred that the oak be painted white, but that wasn't an option. So we replaced the white plastic door/drawer pulls with brushed nickel ones that makes a huge difference. For only a bit over $120 you have a much more current look. (photos to come)

And finally, the entry had been painted a bright blue faux.  It was pretty and definitely made a statement - perhaps too much so.  So we neutralized it with soft tan paint and accessories that tied the color scheme used throughout the house together.  With views like this house offers to provide the Wow Factor, you don't need to hit people over the head at the front door.

To see more views of this house including the world-class photographs by Timothy Park, please see the listing info by Laurie Thiel, RE/MAX Equity Group.  She is a long-time client and one of our favorite agents! It's gorgeous and you will be glad you took a peek...

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