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Monday, August 17, 2009

Update with Paint & Staging

Update:  Even in this tough market, this condo sold - it was up and down in 60 days!
Sometimes the most fun transformations are the ones that look the scariest at first glance. This is a 2 bedroom condo that had been rented out and the owners decided it was time to sell.

The issues with the property included that it was dark and dated. So we advised painting the entire unit the same warm golden tan - including the ceilings - to warm it up and make it feel larger. We also advised the sellers to remove the dark curtains and the little shelf over the fireplace to create cleaner lines. Another issue with the living room was the layout which could be confusing to buyers since there needed to be room for access to the sliding glass door. So we created 2 seating areas: one for conversation in front of the fireplace and another media center. Now those questions about how to use the space have been erased and the room actually feels larger...

Next we tackled the dated and dark kitchen. To keep costs down, we advised painting the laminate cabinets and the losing the oak trim by painting it a fresh white.

It's not just the camera angle, now the kitchen really does feel bigger! And the tile countertops don't look so dated. Accessorizing with simple, modern items emphasizes the counterspace. This is a lot of improvement for a minimal investment...

And the last example is the master bedroom. A fresh coat of paint in the same color provides flow and makes the rooms feel inviting. We left the window coverings off as the view outside of the lush landscaping and water feature was an asset worth showing off. Updated furnishings add to the casual sophistication and should appeal to all age groups. Tip: See how much better the ceilings look painted the same color as the walls? You may not realize that painting the ceilings doesn't cost much more than leaving them white as time is saved not having to tape it off! And they look soooo much better!

What do you think of this transformation?

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  1. I love it! Seriously awesome transformation there (no pun intended);)